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Wendell, Claire and I decided to change our name to “Axis” after the Hendrix song, mainly because we didn’t want to be limited to the Blues genre as our previous name suggested.Shortly thereafter we changed it to “Triaxis” just to make it easier for people to say and remember.Prior to that I already knew how to read and write music from Music class in Don Bosco Makati.Later on I enrolled in Music College first in UST then eventually transferring to PWU where I got my Bachelor Degrees in Guitar performance and Music Education.

I got hooked and started practicing guitar for hours everyday.aying that Perf De Castro is one of the best guitarists in the Philippines is an understatement.We all know of his stunning technique on the fretboard and enormous talent.Oftentimes I would find myself jamming with whoever’s around just to pass the time.

Eventually they fired their guitar player and invited me to join.: Youthful pride, I guess.

Nathan eventually brought in Bamboo and Mark and they started gigging as a cover band in Makati.