What to do for our 1 year dating anniversary

Either way, put those kids to bed early or send them out of the house and enjoy your night in. Your one-year anniversary is the first opportunity you have to celebrate your marriage, post wedding.

Where and how you choose to do that exactly is inconsequential, but you just might get to have sex on the first date — again!A little nostalgia is perfect for this celebration. Fill out our 10 Questions to Ask on Your Anniversary, and enjoy each other’s answers. You work hard, your significant other works hard, and there is nothing better than indulging in a little pampering and relaxation together while you unwind.I always love hearing what Jacob’s favorite part of the year was, and he always loves hearing my strongest memory of the year (I have a pretty crazy memory). I made the category on purpose, and as much as I know people love the free date ideas, sometimes you’re like, let’s go all out and spend a wad of cash in the name of doing something really amazing. There’s nothing like recommitting to promises and maybe laughing at your younger version of love too. And you don’t wear clothes when you do this, so there’s always that. If you are looking for ways to make it extra special, we have a few ideas.

With over 50 options to choose from, our flowchart will help you find the perfect anniversary date idea.

If it isn’t stressful, sometimes it can feel routine, you know, that same restaurant can feel tired year after year. You know that paperwork you filed that lead you bumping into your spouse for the first time?