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This bug is fixed in the official and unofficial patches but if you don't use either, here is a workaround (taken from the Planet Vampire forums): 1. If you get to the next level and you do not have any items in your inventory reload your previous save (make sure you have a discreet save and are not just using the autosave) and try it again, but stand closer to the boat. The Beckett issue -------------------- Near the end of the game there is an instance where Beckett will confront you in the street and have a conversation with you in order to trigger the game to continue further.Enable the console like explained in chapter 2b above. Get to the boat and approach it, do not get into the boat, but very close. It's possible that Beckett won't show up, thus making you stuck in the game.If this happens reload from a previous save and try again, hopefully it will work.

Having said that, the first game is pretty good too, it has it's flaws but the very good story makes up for it.The commands are the following: autosave_on "0" [disables autosave and speeds up loading time] cl_smooth "0" [disables a smoothing texture effect] mat_drawwater "0" [disables water animation] r_3dsky "0" [gets rid of sky animation and upper buildings] cl_obfuscate_daylight "0" [Obfuscate discipline runs much better] Note: IMO the three first commands in the config file and the disabling of the autosave are a must.Also if your character has the Obfuscate discipline, you should use the above command. Known Bugs ============== Even with the patches there is a slight chance you may encounter some bugs but hopefully the following info will help you. The Society of Leopold crash ------------------------------- When trying to escape the Society of Leopold the game may hang and prevent you from leaving. Type the following commands: If you saved Johansen: Save Johansen() Then to start level transition if you're anybody but a Nosferatu: changelevel2 la_hub_1 taxi_landmark Or to start level transition if you're a Nosferatu: changelevel2 la_hub_1 sewer_map_landmark 5.If reducing resolution and visual quality in the options menu doesn't help you enough, hopefully some tweaking can be used to make the game run smoother. Then add the " -console" command (without the quotes) where it says "target", so it will look something like this: "C:\...\Vampire - Bloodlines\vampire.exe" -console You can then push the "~" key while in the menu to bring down the console and add your commands there if you like, though I would recommend you to edit the config files as I say below and not add the commands manually each time. If you have 1 GB of RAM or higher your page file will probably be just right, if you have lower than 1 GB of RAM you should change it to at least 1.5 GB. Where xxxxx stands for half of your current RAM in KB.

Have in mind that some of the following tweaks may not work for you, or you may not really need them, it's up to you if you'll use them and which ones. The in-game console should be used mostly for testing. To avoid this use it from the main menu only or unfreeze by typing "chareditor" and then continuing from the character page. Thus if you currently have 1 GB of RAM you should use: 512000 Open the properties of the shortcut and add the command so that it looks like this: "C:\...\Vampire - Bloodlines\vampire.exe" -console -heapsize 500000 4.

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