The adult school of the chathams

The Adult School offers more than 300 different courses in an informal classroom atmosphere for anyone in the community. Courses includes: - Presentations in language (including ESL) - Developmental skills - SAT preparation - Studio arts - Recreation - Miscellaneous course on a variety of subjects Classes are held at township schools, town libraries, and assisted living facilities. "At the same time, The Adult School of the Chathams, Madison and Florham Park just finalized its strategic plan, redefining its vision and developing a plan for stabilization and growth," Peterson said."Expanding its geographic markets was one of the outcomes of that plan." Peterson said they began implementation with a pilot program to offer adult classes at Ridge High School this past fall.Our goal is to bring the community together in its essential work -- educating for the improvement of the quality of life for all its members.

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The following classes also begin the first week in October.“Self-Defense for Women” — Union County College instructor, Tom Cantillon, will teach martial arts techniques that can improve strength, coordination and stamina.“Aromatherapy” — Learn the healing properties of essential oils from Carol Mickiewicz, certified aroma therapist and founder of Wellness First.The following is a sampling of courses that begin the first week of October.

“Beaded Jewelry for You and Your Friends” — Learn to design and make your own jewelry with Helen Axelrod, an experienced teacher and jewelry designer.

Because states implement these tests differently, use caution when comparing this data to data from another state.