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In order to discern migrations into the Subcontinent at different time periods, we also performed a complementary analysis of several “non-autochthonous” N lineages present in South Asia (H2b, H7b, H13, H15a, H29, HV, I1, J1b, J1d, K1a, K2a, N1a, R0a, R1a, R2, T1a, T2, U1, U7, V2a, W and ].We assessed ML estimations using PAML 4 and the same mitogenome clock assuming the REV mutation model with gamma-distributed rates (discrete distribution of 32 categories) and two partitions, in order to distinguish hypervariable segments I and II (HVS–I and HVS–II) from the rest of the molecule.India, the second most populous country worldwide, includes a patchwork of different religions and languages, including tribal groups (~8% of the population, speaking over 700 different dialects of the Austro-Asiatic, Dravidian and Tibeto-Burman families) and non-tribal populations, who mostly practice Hinduism, grounded in a strictly hierarchical caste system, and speak Indo-European or Dravidian languages.Indo-European is often associated with northern Indian populations, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and a putative arrival in South Asia from Southwest Asia ~3.5 ka (the so-called “Indo-Aryan invasions”) has been frequently connected with the origins of the caste system [] which, combined with a very complex history, makes the genetic study of Indian populations challenging.Moreover, similar analyses can be carried out for the paternally inherited Y-chromosome variation, and comparisons of the two systems can detect sex bias in dispersal patterns.

In particular, genetic influx from Central Asia in the Bronze Age was strongly male-driven, consistent with the patriarchal, patrilocal and patrilineal social structure attributed to the inferred pastoralist early Indo-European society.However, it remains difficult to make inferences concerning the timing and direction of migrations from GW results, without including ancient DNA (a DNA) data (still lacking for South Asia), and for India the results have been contradictory, especially for differentiating amongst various migration waves at greater time depths.There is a way forward, despite the current lack of a DNA.South India, on the other hand, is dominated by Dravidian languages.

India displays a high level of endogamy due to its strict social boundaries, and high genetic drift as a result of long-term isolation which, together with a very complex history, makes the genetic study of Indian populations challenging.

We included three additional 1KGP populations—Han Chinese from Beijing, China (CHB), Tuscans from Italy (TSI) and Yoruba from Nigeria (YRI)—for ADMIXTURE v1.23 [ 0.25, window size of 100 SNPs and step size of 1) included 66,245 SNPs, for ADMIXTURE analysis, and 64,926 SNPs for the PCA.

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