Sasunaru dating sim

I've been working on this little project for some time now. Since I'm totally inept at true art like drawing and painting, and I don't want to destroy your eyes with the scrabbles that I can do, I used images found from different sources. that's not the kind of constructive criticism that I need.) On to the next project with bigger and better things! It's basically my short waff/pwp story, edited for storytelling, with exciting visuals and music. Where I could find the original authors, I asked them for permission. Like I said this is my first foray into the making of visual novels. Be it to say that you enjoyed it, want to give me some advice on how to better myself or just tell me I suck... Whether he does the right thing, wrong thing, stupid thing, or funny thing is up to you.Beard and body hair options available for all the guys.Kei Nakajima is now on his second year at Ikimono High, a school built purposely for monsters and mythological beings.

The Speed Dating Makeover game is under the dress up, girl, make up, makeover category.

(..don't rate strictly please._.) I like it, but you should try to add more to the story.