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You are also at risk of being hacked or spied on by your network peers – those in your apartment complex, or at the café, airport or any other public place.Your ISP or network administrator may also be limiting or restricting your access to certain websites and services.And then there’s the wider issue that sites you visit are probably collecting your personal data for advertising purposes.The worrying thing about being in Thailand is living in a condo block and sharing a network with many others, a network that is sub-contracted to an amateur web guy who sells on the services of True, 3BB and alike to folks like you. I know, Thailand is the last place on earth you’d expect to get in trouble for copyright infringement.

In fact, historically Thailand has been the place people visit to acquire their yearly supply of fake handbags, bootleg DVDs and Polo shirts.But to fall in with the big boys, Thailand is expected to start regulating online copyright infringement, and help the NSA gather information by invading the privacy of its citizens and guests by investigating their online activity and reporting back to big brother. The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) began working with the PKI Association, the TISA (Thailand Information Security Association), THE Internet Foundation for the Development of Thailand, THE Thailand ISP Association, the Thai e-Commerce Association, Google Asia Pacific (yes, you know it's serious when Google is involved) and e Bay to create the country's first self-enforced code of conduct for preventing illegal content on the web. Well, as you know, Thailand doesn’t mess around when it comes to enforcing the law, particularly where foreign nationals are concerned – get caught doing something illegal and end up in prison. But just how serious will this crackdown on online activity get?I mean, we’ve heard the word “crackdown” bounded around in Thailand so many times over so many issues that it doesn’t really hold much weight in our minds anymore.Moreover, I have been hacked before, and it isn't a nice experience when all your personal information finds its way into the hands of a criminal network. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that secures your computer's internet connection to guarantee that all of the data you're sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from prying eyes.

Without a VPN in Thailand, your data can be logged, monitored, analyzed and stored by the authorities or your network administrator.

A VPN is also an essential tool for writers, journalists, whistleblowers and anyone conducting online research, because it is a very real possibility that looking up the wrong thing online in Thailand will get you in trouble in the very near future.

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