Kyuhyun and park bom dating

hellokpop cited an article from the Korean portal site Naver that called for Park Bom to retire: “The top comment on a Naver article, which has more than 1,100 thumbs up said Park Bom should ‘retire’: ‘She needs to retire from the industry. “Rumors About Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and f(x)’s Sulli Dating Re-Ignite From Photos of Sulli Found in Choiza’s Wallett Amoeba Culture Releases Statement.” koreaboo. Doing drugs alone is an extreme crime but smuggling them in? Seulgi immediately replied that she does not contact her senior, explaining that she has last seen him during the SM Entertainment’s concert where she greeted him with Super Junior.Prior to her debut, Seulgi was mentioned in various online articles after receiving attention from Kyuhyun’s video message through MBC’s “Radio Star.In the case of “scandal,” these stories highlight the cultural differences between fans.

At the same time, those perceptions are shaped by Korean media for global fans. “Park Bom Will Not Attend ‘Rommate’ Filming.” Soompi.

After three years of auditioning, she was accepted into the company.