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- Wed like your feedback" - The infamous Blanchard-Zucker Gender Identity Centre at CAMH (aka 'the Clarke Institute') comes under scrutiny in upcoming trans-community focus-group meeting in Toronto.11-24-07: Pattaya City News (Thailand): "Democratic Party leader visits Tiffanys Show Theatre" - "to address the Transsexual Community of Pattaya to discuss his intentions for improving their rights and recognition" 11-24-07: The Tribune (India): "Different strokes" - "Shes had the courage to acknowledge her alternate sexuality, accept it and finally declare it to one and all.12-13-07: Transgender Tapestry (new posting from Issue #112): "Learning to See - A Mothers Journey", by Tina Marian - A moms story of accepting her 21-year-old transsexual daughter (see also link from TS Roadmap) 12-12-07: Sydney Morning Herald (Australia re Germany): "Woman sues doctor over mistaken sex" - Christiane Vlling, an intersexed woman from Germany, is suing a doctor for having surgically assigned her male without her consent (more). 12-10-07: Catholic World News (Italy): "Two Italian priests defy bishops on marriage issues" - "Yesterday, at the am Mass, Father Santoro asked his parishioners to support the transsexual and her husband as they prepare for their church wedding." 12-08-07: The Advocate (Dec 18 issue): "Gay vs. 12-08-07: The Independent (UK): "War in the wards as Cardinal issues hardline abortion code" - "Senior figures in the Catholic Church were enraged when it was revealed that doctors associated with the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth were not only performing abortions but also carrying out sex change operations" 12-07-07: Nashua Telegraph (NH): "Area doctor opens up Amherst practice" - "In her new practice, Dr.Madden will treat various traditional medical conditions within all age groups including pediatric well child exams, routine adult preventive health-care visits, gynecologic exams for women and care of the elderly. Madden is able to offer health-care services to patients who come from alternative lifestyles, are gender variant, or who have diverse family situations." 12-07-07: Yale Daily News: "From drag ball to panels, Trans Week reviews mixed" (Note: In a not-uncommon move by clueless GLB and women's-studies groups, Yale trans "awareness" week highlighted a drag show that stereotypes transwomen - as in the photo in this article)."Considering recent broken promises, the lack of credibility that HRC has with the transgender community at large, and HRC's apparent lack of commitment to healing the breach it has caused, we find it impossible to maintain an effective working relationship with the organization," they said.11-25-07: CAMH (Canada): "Have you: Received services at CAMHs Gender Identity Clinic?Let us know if you hear of news to include in this list.To access to a wide range of trans news, we recommend "Google News", searching on keywords such as transgender, transsexual, sex reassignment, sex change, gender variance and gender transition."Susan has met hundreds of other people like her. "But I don't blame the human rights groups from separating the transgender people from the protected groups.

We intend to send a clear message that education initiatives and paid public appearances do not compensate for national HRC policies . ." (Illinois Gender Associates protests Susan Stanton's paid appearances on behalf of HRC).Arup Chanda meets Rose, who was Ramesh Venkatesan a year ago, and is today all set to be the first transgender host of a television talk show in the country" 11-22-07: Organization Intersex International (OII): Alice Dreger, have you no shame? That title reveals an insidiously hateful side of Dregers character: For someone who prides herself in being ever so clever with words, she had to know how hurtful that title would be to intersex people (especially those who've been "sliced" physically and emotionally by the system Dreger represents, and who don't appreciate being referred to as "it" either). to deliver a lecture titled No Matter How You Slice It: Parsing Intersex.- In attempts to defend her disordered terminology for intersex people, Alice Dreger has begun giving seminar talks entitled: "No Matter How You Slice It? OII responded that her talks expose The Dark Side of Dreger's DSD Activism.. 11-22-07: TS Roadmap.com: "Alice Dregers slice it joke riles intersex activists" - "Alice Dreger recently returned to her alma mater . Intersex activists quickly pointed out that the titles pun made light of normalizing surgery many intersex people endure and suggests that intersex people are neither he nor she, but it." 11-20-07: The Nashua Telegraph: "Dr.Jennifer Madden Opens Souhegan Family Practice" - "In her new practice, Dr. Mc Hugh has ruined not only the lives of many transpeople in the United States, but is now setting up the conditions to spread his hatred through an institution that impacts people around the world." 11-05-07: Bangkok Post (Thailand): "Thailand's secret history - An Australian academic is trying to preserve the story of Thailand's gay, lesbian and transgendered communities in the face of official opposition" 10-31-07: Hindustan Times (India): "LOST IN TRANSITION: The attempted suicide by athlete Santhi Soundararajan, stripped of her Asian Games silver after failing a 'sex test', has brought to light the plight of transitioned athletes.

Madden will treat various traditional medical conditions within all age groups including pediatric well child exams, routine adult preventive health care visits, gynecologic exams for women and care of the elderly. Danish golfer Mianne Bagger and Canadian cyclist Kristen Worley, both transitioned sportspersons, talk about their fight to ensure justice for Santhi in an exclusive chat with HT", by Ajai Masand.

12-04-07: "Argentine Undergoes Sex-Change Surgery" - "A 17-year-old Argentine has undergone surgery to become a female only months after winning a court battle in the first case of its kind involving a minor in this country" (link to earlier stories about 'Nati', more)Last year police arrested 26 transsexuals in one raid.

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