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FML Today, I was taking the final exam for one of my classes.The teacher came over to my desk, grabbed my test and ripped it in half.Taking the test tube in one hand, I shook it up and down.My teacher then stood next to me and said, "It's disturbing how good you are at that." FML Today, I got punched in the back by elderly woman because she thought I was mocking the way she walked as I passed her.When I finally got home and heated the ravioli, I dropped it all over my feet, giving me second degree burns.FML Today, after working the night shift, I accidentally left my i Pod at the office. To my dismay, I saw some coworker had posted stuff on my wall, such as, "I really have to take a shit! " FML Today, I woke up and stumbled over to my window to soak up some morning sunshine.

): Sadly there isn't "more to the story", the University wanted more people to graduate and those two guys were the closest to the finish line (aside from myself). She left me after school for an hour and a half because they ended up going out for coffee afterwards.When I told her we weren't planning on having any, she went on a tirade about how selfish and cold I am for denying her precious grandchildren. FML Today, I met this really attractive guy who introduced himself as Wyan.He was really cool and sweet and we got along pretty well.She looked at it for two seconds, then unplugged my headphones.

FML Today, I sat at work for 8 hours daydreaming about the homemade 4 cheese ravioli I would come home to after spending 3 hours making it from scratch the night before.

FML Today, my university considered it an "embarrassment" that I was going to be the first and only person to graduate from my engineering course, so they gave free passes to two guys who hadn't finished their thesis yet. FML Today, I had my 3 year old son in the doctors office.

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