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It’s a very simple Docker container and is built with two components.The first of which, the statement defines a default program to run inside the container if no specific command is given; here, we want containers to run the file using /bin/bash.The modern development environment is one of constant iteration. They attempt to emulate as much as possible about a computing environment in software, down to disk drives, RAM allocation, graphics, hard drive space, and even processor type.Some machine-level virtualization platforms, for instance, make it possible to emulate an ARM-based system like a Raspberry Pi [12] on an Intel-based platform like a desktop PC.

Most of the time when we’re developing, testing, and releasing software we care about applications and not really the specific hardware environment — real or virtual — that we’re developing in, perhaps except with emulating historical hardware [22] and other edge cases.Here’s an example of a Docker host running a few containers, which we can see by running docker ps on the comand line. In the above list, we can see that container id b58946da298c and e5a0f8a71f7e are running versions of the image “papyrus-demo,” demonstrating that images can have tags that act similarly to git tags, representing different states of a common image.In the papyrus-demo’s image, there’s a tag “in-process” and a tag “port6000”; an image without a distinct tag is always “latest”.To run most of the serious business of libraries, you needed serious equipment, and, as a result, machine rooms were often jumbled messes of shelves, wires and air conditioning units.

With the advent of Linux running on microcomputers, these rooms became slightly smaller and maybe slightly less complex, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the real sea change came for the server room — the rapid adoption of easily implementable virtualization [1], which allowed running multiple discrete operating systems on a single machine.

By John Fink, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Mc Master University If you were working in library IT in the last millennium, you’ll likely remember what your server room used to look like.

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