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Although LD cannot be outgrown or “cured,” it can be compensated for and remediated.The better you understand the nature of your child’s learning difficulties, the greater your chances are of helping him succeed academically and socially.They also wanted changes to service systems such as more accessible transport, their own housing so they can invite friends to visit and changes to the law.In particular they talked about the nature of the laws concerning sexuality and learning disability in the Republic of Ireland, and how the research team believes these laws need to be changed.body language, facial cues), children with NLD may be socially awkward.Although it is not included in the term specific learning disabilities, ADHD involves problems regulating attention, which occurs often among children with learning disabilities.

Many people with learning disabilities however have very limited opportunities to meet and make friends.In contrast to language learning disabilities, children with nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD) have difficulties with visual and spatial relations, which impact their ability to learn from nonverbal information.Kids with NLD often have trouble understanding the “big picture,” and because social interaction relies heavily on the exchange of nonverbal cues (e.g.Living with a learning disability should not stop someone from leading an active and enjoyable life, and from being supported to get out and about in their local community.

Click on the People Who Can Help link in the main menu at the top of the page and you will find a range of organisations and schemes offering activities and other opportunities for people with learning disabilities. Communicating with others can sometimes be difficult for someone with a learning disability, and can lead to frustration.

Relationships of people with learning disabilities in Ireland, Bane, G.

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