Dating in belize

Maybe it’s because of their European, Garifuna and whatever else blood. But I know this: Colombian women, Brazilian women, and probably any other woman in South America believes that a man has to be a little bit macho.Belizean girls don’t have the same believe (I guess you can thank the influence of the Creoles for that)..

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There are a lot of single women and most of them are open to dating a mature foreigner instead of an immature Belizean gangster. And there are only two options…Have a look at the number in the rectangles.Not surprisingly, 52.9% of the women in Belize are Mestizo aka half white and half Pacific Islander. To sum things up: You’re looking at sexy Latin American girls with African booties, European facial features and Caribbean caramel skin.Believe it or not, but 11.3% of the girls you can meet online are Maya and 6.1% are Garifuna. Ask them in the comments below.​Belize single women don’t think like the girls you can meet in Colombia or the women in Brazil.They don’t just date a random foreigner who has a nice smile and a big bank account.

Their parents, their neighbors and their goats have an eye on them.

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