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Like I mentioned before, I can certainly understand your dissatisfaction with the situation, but I'm in no position to guarantee we won't find any other issues in the future as well.This particular problem is rather peculiar as we didn't find any differences in the way the style for the column groups and those for other elements are defined, yet only the column groups cause the design-time issue.The other thing worth mentioning is that the source of the problematic behaviour is one of the design assemblies shipped with the Telerik UI for WPF suite.Visual Studio resolves those slightly differently so it's possible that for some reason the design assemblies related to the official version are still used in your project.Could you try those steps and let me know the results?If you can isolate this in a sample and send it over, that would be ideal.

The client mentioned that removing the namespace and rebuilding the project brings back Intelli Sence.Explore the Telerik Feedback Portal and vote to affect the priority of the items Hello Jonah, Could you please double-check if all references are resolved from the same location and are from the same version?The most common cause for such error is assembly mismatch.Nor do changes to plugins seem to get reloaded so having to close UE4, and start it back up all the time.

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