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Flesh and Blood (air date: 2004-04-21) An old well on Drovers Run holds a forgotten secret for Tess, leading her to a devastating decision about the future. Call Me Kate (air date: 2004-05-19) Jodi battles with what seems like the biggest decision of her life after Kate Manfredi marches into Drovers Run, while Sandra's pregnancy causes more sorrow than joy.Desperate and Dateless (air date: 2004-07-14) The girls hit the road, decked out in their finest for a big night at the B & S ball, but Stevie has a secret agenda that the others are about to uncover.Stevie is also shocked to discover who her secret admirer is..she be able to resist his charms?Twice Bitten (air date: 2004-11-24) Tensions are rife with Kane now living in the cottage with Stevie and Sally staying in the big house with Nick and Tess.Meanwhile, just what are Harry's plans for Tess and Drover's following her engagement to Nick?With Tess and Nick making it official Harry sees this as his way in for Drovers.

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Bridie carter and myles pollard dating comments

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