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“Except for black women.”“I’ve just never been attracted to Asian men,” she says. Unfortunately, the vast majority of singles I’ve worked with have clear racial preferences and biases when it comes to dating.Alternatively, black women are viewed as hypersexual because of things like the legacy of chattel slavery, which also suggested that black women are more masculine and animalistic than other women. When Hadiya photoshopped her dating profile photos so that she appeared to be a white woman, her profile’s popularity skyrocketed.“When you combine demographics, the fact that users disproportionately message others of the same race, fetishism, sexualization of blackness, racism and anti-blackness, it adds up to — to put it mildly — a ‘harder time’ in those spaces,” Roderique tells me.“The experience on other sites, especially those that cater to people of colour, may be different, but even people of colour and black people are not immune from anti-blackness. And we’re going to have to work hard at being inclusive and open-minded in dating and in every other aspect of life if we’re set on making any progress at all.“So is that like, his way of asking me out, or does he have a problem with me? But I declined because I don’t need to be humiliated.” WATCH: ‘The Bachelor’s’ Vanessa Grimaldi Opens Up About What Went Wrong Between Her & Nick Viall Since his split from Grimaldi over the summer, the former Bachelor recently told PEOPLE at the Art of Elysium’s Heaven Celebration in Santa Monica, California, that he is seeing other people.

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Now that I’m four years into professional matchmaking, I’ve seen clear patterns emerge when it comes to race and attraction. Women of every racial background seem to strongly prefer dating you.