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Shane escaped, and managed free Bo and Hope who were trapped with an explosive that was meant to end their lives.Later Victor Kiriakis, Savannah Wilder, and Steve "Patch" Johnson were arrested for their parts in the crime syndicate in Salem. (1985 - present) Di Mera Castle in Europe (held captive) (November 2004 - April 2005) Melaswen Island (held captive) (May - November 2004) Rehabilitation center (while recovering from a stroke) (1997 1999) Prior to 1985, Victor lived in both Salem and Greece from childhood to adulthood Yurgos Kiriakis (father; deceased) Sophie Kiriakis (mother; deceased) Titus Kiriakis (brother) Alexander Kiriakis (brother; deceased) Demetrius Kiriakis (grandfather; deceased) Antonia Kiriakis (grandmother; deceased) Aristotle Kiriakis (uncle; deceased) Athena Kiriakis (aunt; deceased) Justin Kiriakis (nephew) Xander Cook (nephew) Alexander Neil Kiriakis (grandnephew) Victor Kiriakis, II (grandnephew) Joseph Kiriakis (grandnephew) Jackson Kiriakis (grandnephew) Isabella Toscano (daughter; with Loretta; deceased) Bo Brady (son; with Caroline) Philip Kiriakis (son; with Kate carried by Vivian) Brady Black (grandson; via Isabella) Shawn-Douglas Brady (grandson; via Bo) Chelsea Brady (granddaughter; via Bo) Zack Brady (grandson; via Bo; deceased) Ciara Brady (granddaughter; via Bo) Tyler Kiriakis (grandson; via Philip) Claire Brady (great-granddaughter; via Shawn) Tate Black (great-grandson; via Brady) Was part of the mystery of the Power, the Purse, and the Pawn (1985 - 1986) Led a drug and pornography ring [with Savannah Wilder and Richard Cates] (1985 - 1986) Threatened to expose Larry Welch's murder of Megan Hathaway (1985) Blackmailed Larry Welch into accepting responsibility for the drug ring (1985) Coerced Kimberly Brady to sleep with him (1985) Arranged to have Britta Englund shot and killed when she returned to Salem (1986) Blackmailed Britta Englund to leave town after shooting her (1986) Hired Steve Johnson to harass Shane Donovan; also threatened Shane's life (1987) Forged a legal document proclaiming he was sterile at the time of Bo's conception (1987) Arranged a jail break to get Harper Deveraux' money (1988) With Serena Colville, attempted to steal Diana Colville's fortune (1988) Staged Serena Colville's kidnapping in order to extort $10 million from Diana [1988] Drugged Justin Kiriakis, causing him to become impotent (1989) Framed Kayla Brady-Johnson for the murder of Marina Toscano (1989 - 1990) Withheld crucial evidence in Marina Toscano's murder case (1990) Forged notes between Bo and Carly Manning to keep them apart (1991) Repeatedly tried to kill Bo to keep Carly Manning tied to him (1991) Faked his own death to have Bo blamed with the crime (1991) Plotted the murder of Sami Brady with Kate Roberts Deliberately concealed Nicole's role in Colin's death to hold over her head (2003) Hired a woman to kidnap Claire (2007) Paid-off witnesses and judges in Claire's custody case (2007) Convinced Bo to destroy police evidence that would incriminate Philip in Paul Hollingsworth's disappearance [2008] Kidnapped Stefano Di Mera and denied him necessary insulin (May 2009) Tried to blackmail E. into signing over Di Mera Enterprises (May 2009) Hid evidence that Vivian poisoned Melanie (March 2010) Accessory to false imprisonment; Kept Vivian locked in the coffin after Brady buried her alive (October 2010) Conspiracy to cover up a crime; withheld information about the events on the night Brady assaulted E. [June 2011] Ordered a hit on Clyde Weston [January 2015] Victor Kiriakis came to Salem in 1985, and unknown to most of Salem he was financing Savannah Wilder's drug and porno ring.

"I'm gonna do like a calypso jazz fusion record," he joked.

And therefore, it lacks passion, it lacks emotion and it lacks the things that set an artist off from being good to being great.

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